The Nahma Ghost

Haunted Nahma Inn

History of the Ghost

Nahma ghost fun

A customer dressed as Miss Nell at the Inn’s annual Halloween party

There are several stories about the resident ghost, though one thing everyone agrees on is that it is the spirit of Nell Fleming, “Miss Nell.” Miss Nell’s beau, Charlie Good, was the founder of the Bay de Noquet Lumber Company, and the most popular story says that after Charlie left her, she kept watch from a second story window, waiting for his return. Her ghost is said to still be seen there, watching out the window for Charlie.

Visitors who stay in “her” room often report that their things and even the bed are moved after they leave the room, even if just for a moment. Miss Nell is also known to organize things in the kitchen and rearrange objects when nobody is around!

Patrons in the lounge have reported hearing footsteps and seeing glasses and dishes sliding off of tables.

The Inn is featured in the book “Haunted Inns of America: A National Directory of Haunted Hotels and Bed and Breakfast Inns”, by Terry L. Smith and Mark Jean.

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